• P. Koryagin "Sticheron" for the Feast of the Holy Leaders of the Apostles Peter and Paul
  • T. Shatkovskaya "Theotokos Virgin, Rejoice"
  • R. Shchedrin "Parable" (lyrics by N. Glazkov)
  • E. Podgaits "Russian Bouquet", Cantata for Choir and Piano in 10 Movements: "One Cannot Understand Russia with the Mind" (lyrics by F. Tyutchev), "Teach Me, Dear Sister" (folk song lyrics), "Little Fig" (folk song lyrics), "Day Turns to Evening" (lyrics by F. Tyutchev), "Like an Unresolved Mystery" (lyrics by F. Tyutchev), "Twilight" (lyrics by V. Bryusov), "At Moments of Music" (lyrics by N. Rubtsov), "Elegy" (lyrics by N. Rubtsov), "Bouquet" (lyrics by O. Grigoriev), "Smekhachy"
  • K. Bodrov "Solemn Motet in Honor of the Anniversary of Moscow Conservatory" (lyrics by D. Makarov)

  • Participants: Chamber Choir of Moscow Conservatory. Conductor - Alexander Solovyev. Soloists: Maria Chelmakina, Valeria Mylnikova, David Posulikhin, Denis Tepaev, Ekaterina Mechetina (piano), Evgenia Krivitskaia (organ), Elisey Dregalin (percussion)

  • Festival: The XVII B. Tevlin Autumn Choir Festival
  • Location: Great Hall
  • Date: 20.9.2021

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