• Name: R. Schedrin. Creative meeting with the composer & Presentation of his album "The twenty-first century...". Compositons for сhoir by R. Schedrin to be performed: "Burlesca" (lyrics by N. Aseev), "Parable" (lyrics by N. Glazkov), three Russian proverbs ("Don't be too sweet, or you'll get pecked", "Who is not sinful to God is not guilty towards the tsar, "No common sense - poverty awaits")
  • Participants: Rodion Shchedrin - composer, People's Artists of the USSR, Alexander Sokolov - Rector of Moscow Conservatory, Chamber Choir of Moscow Conservatory (Artistic Director & Conductor Alexander Solovyev), Alexander Bonduryansky - professor of Moscow Conservatory, father Gennady - parson of The Saint Assumption church of the city of Aleksin

  • Location: Rachmaninoff Hall
  • Date: 15.4.2021

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